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J&J Vaginal Mesh Prototype Holds 20% Failure Rate, Premarket Test Reveals

01/05/2013 02:45
  An unbelievable 20 percent of patients, in the span of six months, reported failures of the vaginal mesh device during a test made by Ethicon prior to making the product available to the market. This was the gist of the testimony given by a high ranking official of Johnson & Johnson...

Rottenstein Law Group Comments on $3.35 Million New Jersey Vaginal Mesh Verdict Against Johnson & Johnson

01/03/2013 07:44
On the heels of a Feb. 25 $3.35 million transvaginal mesh verdict in New Jersey Superior Court, the Rottenstein Law Group, a transvaginal mesh law firm, assesses what the verdict means for the more than 1,800 other cases pending in the United States.   Linda Gross, 47, a nurse from South...

More Health Related Problems

19/09/2012 22:56
Everyday we are bombarded with different problems concerning our health. There is medical malpractice, adverse effects from medicines, and defective medical devices affecting many people. For this reason manypeople were thankful when the proposal for a change in the approval process of medical...

Vaginal Discomforts: Understanding What’s Going on Down There

12/05/2012 02:23
No matter how busy it gets in the women’s world, they always have time to talk about personal issues that even men will never be able to imagine. Amazingly, no woman is really bold enough to blurt out vaginal discomforts like unusual smells or discharges to any of her most trusted friends without...
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